Sunrise in Hyde Park

IMG_9169 by davebignell1
IMG_9169, a photo by davebignell1 on Flickr.

Taken on 5th December 2013 using a Canon EOS 7D. Taken in Hyde Park, London, UK.

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  1. Wow – wonderful Dave – are you always up that early ? what a lucky/lovely shot

    • Dave said:

      I have to be in for work early so I’m normally in Hyde Park at about 6.30/7am :-/

    • Dave said:

      Thank you Craig!

    • Dave said:

      I missed one this morning when fog was rising from the ground, it looked incredible but I did not have my camera with me!! :-/

      • Oh i hate that feeling when i forget my camera!

  2. Love the Hyde Park photos…brings back memories from a long time ago.

  3. Morgan said:

    OH so Gorgeous :) Im taking a Stroll through your blog today and enjoying the views! Thank You!

    • Dave said:

      Thank you for doing that, that is so very kind of you. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

      • Morgan said:

        I certainly did and can assure you I will be paying closer attention for your posts as they come out :)

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