A New Number One!

As you may already be aware I have a page on here displaying the Top 10 Most Liked Photos on this blog. The post ‘Snowdon Mountain Railway Picture 3’ has climbed very fast indeed in ‘likes’ and has reached number one! Here is the current Top Ten: (as of 16:50 GMT on 11th November 2012):

(Click on the Most ‘Liked’ Photos page for the latest stats!)

Top 10 Most ‘Liked’ Photos:

Snowdon Mountain Railway Picture 3 by davebignell1

1. Snowdon Mountain Railway Picture 3 (100 Likes)

2. Autumn Leaves (96 Likes)

3. Light at the End of the Tunnel (95 Likes)

4. The Moon (93 Likes)

5. Steam Train at Paddington Station (92 Likes)

6. Where the Sea meets the Sand (89 Likes)

7. Beyond the Sea (85 Likes)

8. Ruins (85 Likes)

9. Hohensalzburg Castle (82 Likes)

10. Climb Every Mountain (82 Likes)

Last Updated: 11th November 2012 @ 16:50 GMT

Thank you all for your continued support, comments and ‘likes’ πŸ™‚



  1. Having paid little attention, I managed to have seen and to have liked six of the ten on the list. No wonder you stick in my head as one of the very best out there. I don’t visit often so I was surprised at my luck in catching them. I have worked my way back to this post from the latest. I like to do that instead of looking at the images as they are posted every day. I get a better sense of the work as a whole that way. Your work is superb. #1 here is a beautiful image that is reminiscent of a storybook illustration. I have enjoyed my tour through your images. Thank you for dropping by because seeing your face reminded me to return to your work. πŸ™‚

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