Month: August 2013

Cleaning the Shard

IMG_5104 by davebignell1
IMG_5104, a photo by davebignell1 on Flickr.

Taken on 23rd August 2013 in London, looking at the Shard. This was taken just before seeing the View from the Shard (more photos to follow!). Taken using a Canon EOS 7D.


I’m back!

IMG_9606 by davebignell1
IMG_9606, a photo by davebignell1 on Flickr.

Hello! I am back! I am so sorry for my long absence. I will be continuing to update this blog but realistically may not be able to update it every day as before.

If anyone is also interested in my other project, I have started an online radio station – check it out here:

Thanks and hello again!