Dartmoor Prison



Taken on 9th April 2014 using a Canon EOS 7D. Taken in Dartmoor, Devon, UK.

Designed by Daniel Asher Alexander and constructed originally between 1806 and 1809 by local labour, to hold prisoners of the Napoleonic Wars, it was also used to hold American prisoners from the War of 1812. Although the war ended with the Treaty of Ghent in December 1814, many American prisoners of war still remained in Dartmoor.

Today it is a Category C men’s prison. Its high granite walls dominate this area of the moor.



      1. Try Modularity Lite. I bought several themes, but I always come back to this one. See it on “She Kept A Parrot”. You can choose a transparent background so that you can see through it to the background image or you can make it solid, but the images show bigger. I use 800 pixels wide for horizontals and 500 wide for vertical photos. The theme is free. You have choices about colors too.

  1. Terrific shot (clicked thru to Flickr) – the is a wonderful tension between the bucolic fields of sheep and the horrible energy of the walled prison.

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