Deck Chairs



Taken on 10th April 2014 using a Canon EOS 7D. Taken on the Greenway Estate (Agatha Christie’s Summer house), Devon, UK.


  1. Great photo….ok if I use sometime on my blog? The great thing about your framing is that it invites you to cross the gravel and enjoy the contrasting soft green grass, and to sit on those chairs!

  2. Hello again Dave…wondering if you have any photos that would fit with the theme ‘Vision’ – for a church publication. We have one with an eye on it – but that’s a bit cliché. Can i set you such a challenge. Happy to attribute it to you of course!!

      1. I’ll have a search through my pics and see what I can come up with! Do you have any ideas on the sort of image you want?

      2. it could be a person looking (not closeup of person) – or of something that is clearly in focus in one area, and not elsewhere – maybe looking through eye glasses….or something else. The document is about setting goals and looking to the future, about direction I suppose

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