45 thoughts on “A Cold Bench

      1. Thanks much! How do I do this, dyou have a watermark, will credit and link back to your site be right. Unsure what I’ll post with it, but that bench has followed me:)

      2. Hehe thank you – don’t worry about the watermark, maybe just post a link back to the original post underneath what you write if that’s ok?

      3. Oh yes, ofcourse. Your site is image rich,love it! M jealous. Wish could travel, take pics like that. But I guess that’s how talents cover our planet, so we’re blessed by anothers work. Hey, thnx. I’ve zero clue what to say. Itll grab me some time who knows when

    1. Well I used to walk through Hyde Park every morning when I worked in London and of course every season transformed my surroundings. I think in this particular case the bench just looked lonely or somehow protected by the lamppost, like it was standing guard.

      1. Thank you so much! I am very honoured that my photo inspired you! I’ve added a link to this on the original post πŸ˜€

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