22 thoughts on “Corridor

  1. Hi, dear Lens Genie,
    May I use a few of your captures, the last 2/3 here I think, for my next post, pix credit to you; if yes, is there any detail you’d like added ?
    Thankyou for your work. Theres a calming effect, unsure how to put that. God bless.
    Rayla RN

      1. One of my uncles was a professional carpenter his entire life, my grandfather would always run his fingers over nice looking wood surfaces…. It rubbed off on me!

      2. I totally understand that – my Dad is a professional carpenter and it certainly makes you appreciate the work that goes into these things!

      3. You bet! He did some beautiful woodwork on my folks’ home in the early 1990’s when they purchased a home built in the early 1900’s.

  2. Excellent – very closed / walled in, and the light coming in though the open door makes it, and is in wonderful contrast to the dark passage beyond. πŸ™‚

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